Thursday, 5 September 2013

Summer Brief - Hobby/Interest: Plastic - Packaging (My Choice)

Throughout first year I discovered I have a strong passion for packaging design. I have always been interested in creating 3 dimensional work and felt it had a higher aesthetic value than screen based graphic design. I am therefore going to explore this view throughout my research, looking at the history and the foundation of packaging. I am also going to look at the future of packaging and it's sustainability. As this is something I would strongly consider specialising in when I graduate I feel as though I should research it further before making a definite decision.

Having just participated in two weeks web design work experience it made me think differently about my prior opinions. I appreciate web design much more than I did do, as I now know much more about it. I have formed opinions and want to discover whether there is an issue or possibility that in the future web will dominate and packaging will be of little importance.

I recently had a conversation with a graphic designer at Sony Evolution Studios and one of the key pieces of advice he gave me, which has left a strong impression on me, was to make sure I can do a bit of everything and not just get carried away with a 'specialism'. I feel that this is an important piece of advice, as it is easy to engrossed and addicted to a certain type of work as eventually it won't mean that I have to break out of a comfort zone. 

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