Sunday, 1 September 2013

Summer Brief - Person/Place: Fortnum & Mason (My Choice)

I've always wanted to visit Fortnum & Mason as I love everything about it. My Mum visited not long ago and came home with chocolates from there for me, they were absolutely gorgeous. The branding, packaging and store itself are so uniquely designed and I think the British population should feel proud of such a successful brand.

For this research brief I found it hard to think of ideas of what to research as I wanted to ensure that I wouldn't run out of things to explore. I have chosen Fortnum & Mason though as I am sure there is plenty to discover, particularly about it's history. I know that I would personally love to be involved with/working for such a well established company in the future, and it strongly interests me to find out more about the foundations of Fortnum & Mason as well as the struggles the company may have faced over the years.

The packaging in particular is very memorable to me as it is so exquisite and ornate. I would love to create my own packaging in the future with the same qualities, and hope that this research allows me to discover even more brands which I may find inspirational for my own personal design work.

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