Monday, 2 September 2013

Summer Brief - Person/Place: Fortnum & Mason (Candles)

The Candle Room is a very significant part of Fortnum & Mason, as it has a historical link to how and when the business first started. I think it is a lovely idea to have an area within the building to remind people of the foundations. They stock highly respected brands of candles within the store, some of which has such intricate and decorative detail on the packaging.

Below are some examples of the exquisite packaging design which I think are stunning and most certainly live up to the expectations of what a customer may find inside Fortnum & Mason.

I have discovered that Fortnum & Mason stock a lot of brands which have interesting history and have been around for quite a long time. This explains why a lot of the packaging has similarities, such as the ornate detail in the illustrations and the labels used to brand the product. I really like this about Fortnum & Mason, as they have managed to maintain such high standards even within the outside brands they have chosen to stock.




I decided to visit the website after having read the small description about the brand on the Fortnum & Mason website. I instantly loved the website and the way they had portrayed the history of their brand through using imagery to hover over and read about how they have progressed over time.

The packaging design for the candles I have seen so far is simply beautiful. It reiterates just how much I would love to progress with packaging design and illustration skills.

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