Monday, 9 September 2013

Summer Brief - Hobby/Interest: Plastic - Inspirational Packaging Design

  • A study into new applications of moulded carton to reduce the use of plastic.
  • Please Note:

    The Rip Curl -brand is not affiliated in anyway with this project. The Rip Curl -brand was used for example purposes only. The goggles used in the photography are not a Rip Curl product and were only used as a model for the presentation of this concept. 

  • The assignment was to develop new shapes and applications for moulded carton packaging, moving away from the already available rectangular tubs. First, a product  which was felt would benefit from being packaged using moulded carton was chosen. We were encouraged to think of products other than food, for which moulded carton has been already introduced as a packaging material.

    I decided to re-package snowboarding goggles, which are generally packaged in plastic sharp edged boxes. Environmental thinking is increasingly noticeable in the snowboarding scene. So why not show this change in attitude in packaging through the choice of material? This is what I set out to do. Moulded carton is easily recyclable and has eco-friendly feel to it. Moulded carton is also fully printable, which means the packaging can be any color or covered completely in graphics. 

    Environmental thinking however does not mean packaging has to be brown or green (the cliches of eco-friendly promotion). I felt that the brands in the snowboarding scene, while promoting environmental values, want and need to keep a commercial aspect to their products. In other words environmental values are not the main focus, the sport is.

  • Opening 
  • The packaging is opened by sliding the blue tab to the left, releasing the cover.
Pulling the tab reveals additional information, in this case information about the Rip Curl Planet -movement.

 Packaging as a display

 The Contents

 The Process
  • The model for the concept was created using heat-vacuumed plastic.
  •  Presentation Poster

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