Monday, 9 September 2013

Summer Brief - Hobby/Interest: Plastic - Packaging (Case Study: BPF)

In a letter addressed to BPF director-general Peter Davis, Cameron refers to “the vital role that plastics play in just about every facet of our daily lives”.
He wrote: “The plastics industry is also contributing enormously to our transition to a green economy, in particular through developing and supplying low carbon products and solutions which help other manufacturing sectors.”
The article below explains just how much the BPF are helping reduce our carbon footprint. They have been given praise by David Cameron just this year.

'RPC Containers Corby has launched a modern plastic alternative to the traditional tin can.  The new 380ml Apollo container combines extended ambient shelf life with all the established lightweight, easy handling and safety benefits of plastics and also offers the convenience of re-closing.'

This article is about the traditional tin can being replaced by the Apollo plastic container.


Similarly, this article is expressing the positives with using 100% recyclable PET plastics to contain eggs rather than cardboard.

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